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Location: Birmingham
Date: February 17, 2022
It’s Great to be Together Again! image

It was great to say goodbye to the virtual Trustee’s Board Meeting this month and see each other in person.  There was lots of catching up to do – two years is a long time when you haven’t seen people in person, and it was timely as it coincided with our Annual Planning meeting which needs lots of brainstorming.

We were also delighted to welcome three new Trustees who were all appointed during lockdown.  Alison Armstrong, Bernadette Coughlan and Susan Noyes, who will replace Ruth Paulin as Treasurer in March when she steps down.  These ladies have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them so will compliment our existing Trustees.

It also gave us the chance to say goodbye to Ruth Paulin and Caroline Wilkie who have been Trustee’s for over four years.  They were instrumental in setting up our first centre and we have all enjoyed working with them over the years.  They may have retired as Trustees but we do know that they will continue to support our fantastic charity.

As for planning, it’s an exciting time for our charity as there has never been a more crucial time to ‘help unemployed women back into work’ as there is now.  Fundraising is always key to our endeavours so if you can help in anyway this would be appreciated as our service will only go from strength to strength in the coming years.  Please visit our ‘Get Involved’ page of the website if you would like to see how you can help or hit the ‘donate’ button.